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About Me

I am a Front-End Web Developer with around ten years of experience. Some might consider me a Developer that can Design. I have an eye for design but also understand, can implement, and explain the technical side of Website Development.

My start in Web Development began ten years ago and I have strived to be on the cutting edge of the new web technologies ever since. Because of this, I recently graduated from an intense 12 - week boot camp to level up my back-end skills. This is a constant practice to increase the quality of work I provide my clients, and ensure I am using the most appropriate technology for their project.

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My skills include but are not limited to:

HTML5 - SCSS - CSS3 - Responsive Design - JS - React.js - Express.js - MongoDB - MySQL - Node.js - Gatsby - Sketch - Figma - Adobe Suite - Netlify - Webpack - Docker - Git - Gulp

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Drew Olsen

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